About the Jose Feliciano Foundation

The Feliciano Foundation is dedicated to increasing the scope of philanthropy throughout the United States, by raising funds for various national charities. The foundation’s founder Jose Feliciano believes in cultivating the seeds of growth for organizations dedicated to helping those less fortunate, raising awareness of each charity's needs and specific goals by organizing and participating in a number of public events each year.

Jose Feliciano of the Jose Feliciano Foundation has lived his life motivating others and planting seeds of growth for countless organizations, so he is always ready for a new challenge. "The true secret of ongoing success is paying it forward," he explains. "I learned from my deaf parents to never see life's limitations by always focusing on the endless possibilities the world has to offer."  He has lived his life building, motivating, and planting seeds for further growth. This is a timeless truth. "Inspiring people to greatness is the great joy in my life."